Key Outcomes of Conference

There are three envisaged outcomes of the conference.

 1.     Creating a basis for quality and human-centered texts linked to local          contexts for our multiple delivery systems (state and non-state sectors) in an          increasingly deregulated national and regional environment

 2.     Equipping communities with better understanding of local governance,          participatory tracking tools to influence service delivery and inform policy at          local and national levels

 3.    Not devising but  establishing an independent South Asia Forum on         Education: Policy  and  Practice which will meet annually for a technical         brainstorming and every  two years organize a biennium conference with         concerned scholars and  practitioners to debate critical issues, share good         practices, provide inputs to knowledge creation and legitimization.

      Interested development partners, representatives from government and civil       society development organizations are welcome to support this as an       institutionalized regional initiative on a long term basis.