An International Conference On South Asian Education Experiences & Knowledge Generation

1-2 February 2006, Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Pakistan

The SAARC Social Charter (2004), EFA Goals 2015 and Millennium Development Goals represent people centered regional and global commitments. Partnerships, inclusion and local governance are at the heart of action plans.

The Conference Local Governance Texts and Contexts: Perspectives from South Asia will be an opportunity for a rich knowledge and experience exchange. The methodology adopted will open the door to examining the problems in the sectors as well for poverty alleviation, both economic and intellectual, of the poor, emergent middle classes and indeed the rich.

It aims to bring the finest of thinkers, activists and crafts persons engaged in decentralization, curriculum making, social sciences and history to rethink education and local governance for a post colonial liberation movement, societal regeneration and optimization. This is a compelling requirement for our societies to seriously take on board, twenty first century challenges.

  Key Note Speakers

   Professor Krishna Kumar      Director NCERT India

   Professor Ayesha Jalal         Professor of History Tufts University USA,                                                         MacArthur  Fellow

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